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Three people standing in front of a dilapidated house
Three people standing in front of the farmhouse at Hartley Stock Farm
Three people standing on a walkway
Three people walking down a sidewalk in the winter
Three Photographs from Health Education Campaigns
Three point bandhani sari
Three Roses [set designs] (Box 68, Oversize 3)
Three ROTC students hold flags on UMD campus
Three ROTC students talking on UMD campus
Three second audio clip of a speaker stating, “setting high standards…”
Three Strong Women
Three students skiing
Three tanks beside a railroad track at a mine
Three teenagers setting up a bumper pool table in the teen game room at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center
Three unidentified adults and a child sitting in a car on a street
Three unidentified children sitting on three dead deer in the front yard of the house of Cavour Hartley at 3800 East Superior Street
Three unidentified children standing in a doorway
Three unidentified children standing on a walkway outside of the Hartley house at 1305 East Superior Street
Three Unidentified Men
Three unidentified people on shore and two others by a floating dock on Wolf Lake