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Woman Talking to McCarthy
Woman: The Athlete with Diane Page, marathon runner and board member of Melpamony
Woman: The Cultural Image with Martha Roth and Naomi Scheman
Woman tugging on a string held by an alligator
Woman using a loom
Woman using Duplex Subtractor Bookkeeping Machine
Woman using the weight room in the Sports and Recreation addition
Woman Wearing Curlers
Woman Wearing McCarthy Hat
Woman wearing traditional garment on city street in Palestine.
"Woman with a Basket" artist unknown, Resting on a Mantle in Glensheen
Woman with baby, at railroad station
Woman with Bird and Dragon
Woman with Bound Feet
Woman with broom
Woman with child
Woman with DACOS chemistry analyser at Mount Sinai Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Woman with dog
Woman with food to sell to train passengers at station
Woman with lake in background