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Oil Spills, Environmentalism, and Regulation: Robert Gilmer, Sep. 2010
Oil Spills in the Gulf and Alaska (Q&A): Zygmunt Plater, Sep. 2010
Oil Spills in the Gulf and Alaska: Zygmunt Plater, Sep. 2010
Olive Bieringa, Choreographer, and Bryce Beverlin, Physicist, on 1/2 Life, November 2009
Ot√°vio Bueno, Philosopher of Science, Feb. 2016
Pat Nunnally, River Life Coordinator, on the Mississippi River, May 2011
Patricia Hampl, Professor of English, on Lyric Poetry, October 2009
Patrick Hamilton, Global Change Initiatives, Science Museum of MN, June 2015
Patrick Raines, Scientist, 2006
Patrick Raines, Scientist, Apr. 2015