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Letter regarding the arrival of various missionaries and the status of the Portuguese., April 15th, 1766.
Letter regarding the arrival and deployment of thirty-eight missionaries from Spain., 1695-1697.
Letter regarding Chiquitos and Guaranis., May 27th, 1764.
Letter referencing a travel grant for Arthur Kleiner from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Letter, purchase of slaves, Samuel Fellman / J.G. de Mey
Letter, prices of sugar, A. v. Tuylingen/J.G. de Mey
Letter press book, Vol. 3 (Box 6, Volume 3)
Letter press book, Vol. 2 (Box 6, Volume 2)
Letter press book, Vol. 1 (Box 6, Volume 1)
Letter, P. May? / J.G. de Mey