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Letter, to a fellow heir, G. Welwijk
Letter to Accompany Statistical Reports of the City Associations of China for 1925, July 1st, 1926.
Letter, Tannen Wolff Planteau adm., Tannen Planteau / de
Letter, Tannen vs. Wolff conflict, Bronow? / J.G. de Mey
Letter, Tannen's treatment of slaves, C.G. Pichis / J.G. de
Letter, Tannen Garde are terminated, C.G. Pichis / J.G. de Mey
Letter, Tampatie Maroons attack, Samuel Fellman / J.G. de Mey
Letters to the Editor regarding Daily Cartoons, 1993 (Box 2, Folder 3)
Letters to Sarah Berman from children (Box 2, Folder 4)
Letters to and from Erwin Oreck and Alec Ruttger, Deerwood, Minnesota