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Letter relating the need for firearms in the missions and describing the lack of gold in the region., 1647-1648
Letter regarding the staffing of the missions in Paraguay., September 23rd, 1758.
Letter regarding the publication of tracts defaming the Jesuit order., 1760.
Letter regarding the Jesuit's petition for a noveno., December 17th, 1611.
Letter regarding "The Immortal Swan"
Letter regarding "The Immortal Swan"
Letter regarding the hostility shown to members of the Order by the Viceroy of Lima., 1765.
Letter regarding the expulsion of the Jesuits., September 6th, 1767.
Letter regarding the establishment mission on the eastern slopes of the northern Andes and in the northern watershed (Orinoco?) of the Amazon., September 20th, 1626.
Letter regarding the donation of a stone ""de la gran bestia"" by Chiriguano leader., 1766