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Wheelock, C.A.
Wheelock, C.A.
Wheelock, Jack
When I Found Out
When Malindy Sings
When men go over the top many must be carried back : $500,000 Ambulance Fund to be raised by the Billiard Players of
When Peoples Meet : a Study in Race and Culture Contacts
When Rocks Dance
When spring opens, the jugglers come.
When the children grow up they'll ask what part you took in the war. : it will be fine to tell them you did your dut
When the going is tough, think of this
When the Inter-Allied Games begin in June, many a man who knew little or nothing of boxing when he entered the army will watch the bouts with an interest enhanced by months of personal training in the art. The YMCA athletic director (at the extreme le...
When you go to Coney Island go to W.C.C.S. Unit no. 7 of the New York War Camp Community Service... : reading, writi
When you think the going is tough -- remember Colin Kelly : "keep 'em rolling" to "keep 'em flying" : the railroads
When you've stuck your neck out."
Where are they going?: New York City Young Man's Town
Where is my boy tonight? : Knights of Columbus War Camp Activities Fund : Coney Island Week Aug. 26th to 31st (inclu
Where is you khaki uniform? : why don't you join the National Guard?
Where loyal Buddhists store up credits against their days of need.
Where our men are fighting : our food is fighting : buy wisely -- cook carefully -- store carefully -- use leftovers