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Women's makeup container with Ganesh figures
Women's Self Government Association (WSGA) tutor table, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Women's silk head scarf, misar (mizur), worn at Khatri weddings
Women's turquoise hat from Ladakh
Women Taiko Drummers
Women talking about "process and valuing"
Women Were Not Born Democrat, Republican, or Yesterday with Cokie Roberts and Linda Wertheimer
Womyn of Color
Wood backdrop with small pond and foot path.
Woodbine on Birch tree
Woodbury Fiske residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wood carving of Krishna
Wood carving of Krishna
Wood carving of Lakshmi
Wood carving of Parvati
Wood, Chester
Woodchopper's Shack, Section 36 of T49N R18W
Woodcock's nest and eggs
Wood Cut by T. Tokuriki
Wood cut drop with tent.