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The Village of Khandoo, Himalaya Mountains
The Well of Knowledge, Benares
The Western Entrance of Shere Shah's Fort, Delhi.
The Women Grinding at the Mill.
The Yacht Club, Bombay
The Young Civilian's Toilet.
The Young Lady's Toilet.
The Zenana, Agra
Three Fields on the Railway Incline
Thubare: A Small Harbour on the Arabian Coast, Upper Part of the Red Sea.
T,Hut,Heree [sic.] Bazaar
Tibri regulator.
Tiger Island: Entrance of the Canton River
Timbers being cut on the log sawing machine.
Title Page
Toddy-man climbing tree
Toddy Tree
Tomb in the Hooseinabad [Hussainabad], Lucknow
Tomb near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Tomb of Hoomayoon's Yizier, Delhi.