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Vennar Regulators.
Veranda of Sheesh Mahal, Amber
Victoria Station, Bombay
Victoria Terminus, finest R. R. station in Asia, Bombay
View at Shimla: In the Himalayan Mountains, India.
View from Benares, from Behind Charless Hotel.
View from the Doomree Bungalow, Detachment Moving Off.
View from (the late) Major Canning's residence
View from the Pilgrim's Bangla
View in Cachar
View in Machine Shop showing 10" High Speed Combination Turret Lathe Machining Piston Valve Heads.
View in store yard.
View near Deobun
View near Kursalee
View of Cabool, from the East.
View of headworks Periyar system.
View of Sassoor, in the Deccan.
View of telegraph and Baudot instrument shop.
View of the Bhore Ghats near Khandalla