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Vishnu Pud and Ghats, Benares
Wadi Bundi viaduct with electric train looking south
Wainganga Canal headworks.
Wainganga main canal.
Wall, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Wayfarers on a straight 30-mile road lined with stately poplars, Baramula to Cashmere
West Gateway, Sherpur
West of Sherpur
Wild date palm, before a palatial summer residence on Mount Abu
Wild elephant noosed
Wild elephants in the forest
Windham's Entrenchment, Caunpore
Wind Palace, front, Jeypore [Jaipur]
Woman picking tea
Woman picking tea, Ceylon
Women sifting tea
Classical Urdu Poetry - Introduction
Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 1
Classical Urdu Poetry - Selection 10