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Interview with Roger Morris, Poet, Minneapolis Writers Workshop.
Interview with Richard Kelly, John Berryman Scholar.
Interview with Rachel Jendrzejewski, Playwright and Dancer.
Interview with Nor Hall, Therapist and Writer.
Interview with Mary Beth St. Hilaire on walking the Camino de Santiago.
Interview with Marlon Heimerl, Artforce Marketing Director.
Interview with Margaret Rogers Barrett, Writer.
Interview with Marek Oziewicz, Children's Literature Scholar.
Interview with Luyi Lien, Academic Director, Yinghua Academy, with Students.
Interview with Larry Johnson, Storyteller and Writer.
Interview with Kristin Boldon, Gods and Monsters Book Club.
Interview with Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Historian of Race.
Interview with Kaitlyn Birk, Bookmaker.
Interview with J.P. Johnson, Fiction Writer, Minneapolis Writers Workshop.
Interview with Josh Cragun & Liz Neerland, Nimbus Theater.
Interview with John Thavis, Journalist in the Vatican.
Interview with Harsha Walia, Refugee Rights Organizer.
Interview with Eben Kirksey, Environmental Humanities Scholar.
Interview with Dean Hawthorne & Christine Jaspers, Pokensword Reading Series.
Interview with Dameun Strange, Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.
Interview with Colleen Coghlan, Retired Librarian.
Interview with Bryan Boyce, Cow Tipping Press, & Vince Fiorilli, Contributor.
Interview with Bruce Cottington, World War II Veteran.
Interview with Bill Teska, Episcopal Priest.
Interview with Beryl Satter, American Historian.
Interview with Ben Kreilkamp, Playwright and Actor.
Interview with Bailey Diers, Special Collections, Minneapolis Central Library.
Interview with Andy Sturdevant, Writer and Visual Artist.
Interview with Aaron Lundblom, Director, Northeast Library.
Ingeborg Preininger, Sep. 2014
Hyang Eun Kim, Prof. of Social Welfare, with Alex Lubet, Prof. of Music, May 2015
Hong-Ming Liang's Interns at Middle Ground Journal, Apr. 2014
Hong-Ming Liang, Professor of History and Politics, Apr. 2014
Holly Day & Sherman Wick, Authors, Nov. 2011
Hilda Gruber, Shop Owner, Sep. 2014
Henry Buchwald, Bariatric Surgeon, Dec. 2015
Hans Bertram, Fellow at re:work Center, Nov. 2014
Hale & Josef Thauerbach, Organic Farmers, Oct. 2014
Gulf History and Ecology: Robert Gilmer, Sep. 2010
Gioconda Barbuto, Dancer and Choreographer, Nov. 2015
Gary Kroll, Environmental Historian, May 2013
Franz Wuketits, Philosopher of Biology, Sep. 2014
Franz Leitner, Baker, Sep. 2014
Fishing Closures and Contamination after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Eva Hudecova, Translator, May 2015
Environmental Restoration after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Emma Maris, Writer, Apr. 2015
Ellen Kennedy, President of World Without Genocide, on Combatting Genocide, October 2009
Elke Piff, Herb Farmer, Oct. 2014
Elizabeth Erickson & Patricia Olson, Artists, on the Women's Art Institute, Jan. 2014