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Sara Evans, Professor of History, on Becoming a Feminist Historian, December 2011
Julie Landsman, Teacher and Author, Mar. 2014
Gary Kroll, Environmental Historian, May 2013
Erika Kate MacDonald, Playwright & Actor, on Her One-Woman Shows, Jul. 2013
Randel Hanson, Professor of Geography, on the Robust Food Movement, October 2012
Rebecca Krinke, Artist, on Participatory Art, October 2012
Eric Black, Journalist, on Journalistic Norms, March 2008
Leopold Holtzman, Egg Farmer, Oct. 2014
Phil Guin, Pioneer of Philosophy for Children, Dec. 2005
Maran Wolston, Philosopher, on Philosophy and Multiple Sclerosis, September 2011
Michael Linick, Researcher at RAND Corp., Mar. 2015
Dan Trudeau, Urban Social Geographer, Mar. 2014
Hans Tammen, Composer, on his Musical Development, February 2013
Members of Avatan Nude Recreation Camp (2/6), June 2015
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, January 2013
James Justus, Philosopher of Biology, Nov. 2015
Interview with Rachel Jendrzejewski, Playwright and Dancer.
Peggy Skopec, Retired Teacher, Nov. 2014
Mary Beth Stein, Catholic Activist, on Church Reform, Aug. 2013
Eric Avila, Professor of Urban Planning, on Cities, April 2009