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Evalyn Parry, Playwright and Musician, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Arijit Sen, Professor of Architecture, on Ordinary Landscapes, September 2008
Rebecca Krinke, Artist, on Participatory Art, October 2012
J. Baird Callicott, Professor of Philosophy, on Environmental Ethics, August 2008
Paula Lupkin, Professor of Architecture, on the YMCA and Beer, April 2011
Regula Russelle, Book-Maker, on her Projects, November 2012
Richard Steckel, Professor of Economics, on The Long Shadow of American Slavery, December 2011
Morton Subotnick, Composer, on his Works, February 2007
Her Vang, Postdoc in History, on Hmong Transnational Politics, March 2011
Tae Hong Park, Composer, on New Music, February 2013