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Jack Zipes, Professor of German, on Fairy Tales, Feb. 2014
Rhoda Gilman, Historian, on Social Justice and Human Rights, Feb. 2014
Chris Citron, Exhibit Curator, on the Life of Minna Citron, Feb. 2014
Joe Amato, Author and Teacher, on Education and History, Feb. 2014
Susan Hawthorne, Professor of Philosophy, on ADHD
Tim Hoogland, Coordinator of History Day, on Minnesota History Day, Feb. 2014
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on his Wife Mattie, Jan. 2014
Jeremy Iggers, Journalist, on Ethics, Jan. 2014
Elizabeth Erickson & Patricia Olson, Artists, on the Women's Art Institute, Jan. 2014
YMCA of New York Annual Report, 2014
David Haynes, Novelist and Teacher, on Teaching Creative Writing, Nov. 2013
Site, Incitement, and the Bat of Minerva: Peter Shea and Danny Robinson Clark, Nov. 2013
Helena Goscilo, Professor of Slavic Languages, on Soviet Posters, Oct. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on Preparation, Sep. 2013
Kristian Petersen, Professor of Religion, on Chinese Islam, Sep. 2013
Robin Gillette, Director of the MN Fringe, on Her Tenure, Aug. 2013
Mary Beth Stein, Catholic Activist, on Church Reform, Aug. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on August Wilson, Aug. 2013
Matthew Trumbull, Playwright & Actor, on Death, Aug. 2013
Candy Simmons, Producer & Actor, on Solo Performance, Aug. 2013