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Caly McMorrow, Sound Artist, on her Practice, February 2009
Madelon Sprengnether, Professor of English, on Forms and Films, November 2006
Karl Rogers, Professor of Philosophy, on Democracy, November 2011
Jose Herrera and Krystal Spinler, Restaurant Owners, on their Businesses, December 2012
Guillaume Boccara, Professor of Anthropology, on Chilean Indigenous People, April 2009
Garrick Comeaux, Founder of Consortium Carissimi, on Music as Sacrament, February 2009
Erika Donald and Xenia Pestova, Musicians, on the Digital Orchestra Project, February 2009
Eric Van Duzer, Professor of Education, on the Architecture of Magic, November 2008
Anselm Hollo, Poet and Translator, on his Life, March 2007
Ann Marie Barry, Professor of Communications, on the Neurology of Visual Communication, March 2009
Ann Juergens, Professor of Law, on the Justice, October 2012
Andrew Pask, Composer, on Performance, February 2007
Andrea Stanislav, Multimedia Artist, on her Work, February 2009
William Moseley, Professor of Geography, on Food in Botswana, June 2012
William Cunningham, Professor of Environmental Science, on Environmental Change, September 2008
Susan Buck-Morss, Professor of Political Philosophy, on Visual Imagery, February 2009
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on The Laramie Project, April 2010
LeAnn Holland, Grad Student, on Adult Development, February 2013
Lawrence Venuti, Professor of English, on Translation, October 2011
Joyce Lyon, Professor of Art, on the Experience of Art, December 2012