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Elaine Ecklund, Scholar of Science and Religion, Mar. 2016
Dylan Ward, Actor and Director, July 2015
Douglas Huff, Philosopher, Oct. 2006
Don Kemp, Teacher and Minister, Feb. 2007
Dominique Tobbell, Historian of Health Care, Mar. 2014
Diana Eicher, Paper and Print Artist, Sep. 2015
Deborah Swackhamer, Water Scientist, July 2015
dc edwards, Author, Mar. 2016
Darlene St. Clair, Multicultural Resource Center Director, May 2015
Dan Trudeau, Urban Social Geographer, Mar. 2014
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on Preparation, Sep. 2013
Cristina Pippa, Playwright and Screenwriter, Apr. 2016
Craig Hassel, Food Scientist, Nov. 2015
Containing the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Oct. 2010
Conevery Valencius, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Cletus Wessels, Dominican Priest, on the New Universe Story, 2006
Christopher Morris, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Christoph Conrad, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Christian Koeberl, Director of the Vienna Natural History Museum, Sep. 2014
Christian Chvosta, Coffee Shop Owner, Oct. 2014
Christian Ahorner, Chef, Sep. 2014
Chris Kosowski, Gardener, July 2014
Charlotte Bruckermann, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Cathy Jordan, Prof. of Pediatrics, Dec. 2015
Catherine Meier, Visual Artist, Apr. 2014
Caroline Halliday, Textile Artist, Sep. 2015
Bruno Seiser, Beef Producer, Oct. 2014
Bruce Glymour, Philosopher of Biology, Mar. 2016
Bruce Cutler, Poet, on Journalistic Subjectivity and the American 19th Century, 1996
Bron Taylor, Scholar of Dark Green Religion, Apr. 2015
Brenda Kayzar, Urban Geographer, Jan. 2016
Bill Moran, Typographer, on his Practice and Historical Font Revival, March 2011
Bernhard Freyer, Professor of Organic Agriculture, Sep. 2014
Barbara Sommer, Oral Historian, Mar. 2014
Barbara Draper, Poet, Feb. 2016
Ann Treacy, Information Technologist, on Google Glass, Apr. 2014
Anna Putz, Coffee Shop Owner, Oct. 2014
Andy Wilhide, Oral Historian, Mar. 2014
Andreas Eckert, Director of re:work Center, Nov. 2014
Adelheid Kreiner, Restaurant Owner, Oct. 2014
Adam Muller, Scholar of Mass Violence, Nov. 2015
Catalogs. Large and Small Glass Project and Press. (Box 9, Folder 14)
Jack Becker files. Week At-A-Glance Daily Planner. (Box 5, Folder 29)
Public Relations. Awards. Honorary Life Membership. Peter M. Horn. (Box 079, Folder 07)
Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 457
Organizations, Subjects, and Correspondence, 1916-1976. Catholic Inter-Racial Council, 1966 . (Box 90, Folder 3)
The Agrarian, Student Yearbook, 1945
Conferences. Silver Bay Human Relations in Industry Conference. Conference Materials, 1964-1968, 1972, 1975. (Box 6, Folder 36)
YMCA of New York Annual Report, 1987
Camping. Publications. Camp Manito-Wish, 1978 (Box 17, Folder 8)