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Computational Radar Imaging
Computational Imaging: Beyond the limits imposed by lenses
Computational Imaging: From structured low-rank methods to model based deep learning.
Fourier Multispectral Imaging
Modeling and removal of correlated noise using nonlocal patch-based collaborative filters, with applications to direct and inverse imaging
Reproductive Injustice
Rise of the machines (in MR image reconstruction)
Rugosa Rose
Three Short Stories About Image Denoising
Coherent Optical Processing with Machine Learning
Data and Image Domain Deep Learning for Tomographic Computational Imaging
Faster Guaranteed GAN-based recovery in Linear Inverse Problems
Machine Learning for Tomographic Imaging
Novel CT Data Acquisition and Processing
Computational Imaging with Deep Learning
Computational Methods for Large-scale Inverse Problems: Data-driven VS Physics-driven or Combined?
Cryo-Electron Microscopy Image Analysis with Multi-Frequency Vector Diffusion Maps
Imaging the Unseen: Taking the First Picture of a Black Hole
Tutorial on Python Programming for Computational Imaging
Computational Microscopy
Data Compression in Distributed Learning
Dictionary and model-based methods in quantitative MRI reconstruction
Episode 296: Jim Larson and Jamie Ann Meyers
Interpreting Photon and Electron Detections to Form Images
Surfing the Technology Wave 2019 and Algorithm-Hardware Co-Design - Industry Perspective + Q&A
Tutorial on Julia Programming for Computational Imaging
Artistic Perspectives on Environmental Justice
Painted Turtle
Episode 293: Melinda Brown @BECAUSE Conference 2019 Bi+ Identity and Activism in Nashville
Canadian Wild Ginger
Citizen Science and Machine Learning at Zooniverse
The Shared Spaces of Yellowface and Blackface
The Geometry of Ambiguity in One-dimensional Phase Retrieval
Grasping at the Root: Intersectionality and Environmental Justice
Gaussian Complexity, Metric Entropy, and the Statistical Learning of Deep Nets
Nonlinear PDEs and regularization in machine learning
Envelope Methods
Functional data analysis for activity profiles from wearable devices
ML under a Modern Optimization Lens
Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional Models via Recursive Online-Score Estimation
Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won’t Solve Our Problems and What to Do About It
Interview with Nathan Levitt
Interview with Erica Anderson
Interview with Linda Wesp
Interview with Maddie Deutsch
Interview with Sand Chang
Interview with Ryan Li Dahlstrom
Interview with Helen Bahmet
Interview with Kira Stetsenko Tsarehradsky
Interview with Lydia Iwaskewycz
Interview with Zina Poletz Gutmanis
Interview with Olga and Halia Chorolec
Normalized Antics: Polyhedral Computation in an Irrational Age
Polytope algebra, tropical geometry, and Chow cohomology of toric varieties
Machine-Learning the String Theory Landscape: Beyond SageMath and Macaulay2
Smooth Hilbert schemes
Proofs and computations: The story of alternating sign matrices and plane partitions in Sage
Using Macaulay2 effectively in practice
Episode 292: Sarah Julius and Maggie Sulentic: Great Big Rainbow World, the Musical
JeongHeon Cho
Yuri Noda
Episode 291: Darcie Baumann: Twin Cities Pride
Mykel Murphy
Facilities Management tending to Glensheen's vegetable garden
Flowers in front of a balustrade in the Glensheen Formal Garden
Flowers in front of the Juliet Balcony in the Glensheen Formal Garden
Flowers in the Glensheen Formal Garden
Glensheen's Formal Garden
Glensheen's Formal Garden
Glensheen's Formal Garden
Glensheen's Stone Arch Bridge
Glensheen's vegetable garden
Glensheen's vegetable garden
Gordian Knotted Structures
Interview with Olexa Breslawec
A landscape of knots
Equilibrium theory of elastic braids, with applications to DNA supercoiling
Immersed flat ribbon knots
Mapping the Sawtooth: Brouwer's fixed point theorem in a tokamak fusion reactor
Folding pathways for knotted proteins