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Mapping the Sawtooth: Brouwer's fixed point theorem in a tokamak fusion reactor
Folding pathways for knotted proteins
On the Knotting Probability of Random Equilateral Polygons
Public Lecture
Surfaces in Seifert fibered spaces
Weaving Kirchhoff Ribbons
(5) Mobius invariant metric on the knot space
Gradient Flows for the Möbius Energy
On the analyticity of critical points of the Möbius energy
The effects of topological entanglement and chain architecture on the mechanical properties of polymers
Topological modeling of DNA recombination
Topological polymer models
Interview with Tatiana Riabokin
(4) How to define energies and residues of manifolds (From analysis to geometry)
Gaps in Information Access in Social Networks
How Robust are Reconstruction Thresholds for Community Detection?
Locally Private Bayesian Inference for Count Models
Molecular Biology Mysteries: Protein knotting and linking due to disulfide bonds
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: annuli
The Kakimizu complex of a knot
(3) Hadamard regularization and regularization via analytic continuation
Average-Case Averages: Private Algorithms for Smooth Sensitivity and Mean Estimation
Individual Sensitivity Preprocessing for Data Privacy
Locally private learning, estimation, inference and optimality
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: ribbons
Private Algorithms for High-Dimensional Gaussians
Surfaces and more
Towards Practical Notions of Individual Fairness
A Complexity-Theoretic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness
Interview with Olga Kovalevsky
Molecular Biology Mysteries: Knotting and linking in Proteins
The Structure of Optimal Private Tests for Simple Hypotheses
(2) Energy of knots and regularization of divergent integrals
Algorithmic Questions in High-Dimensional Robust Statistics
Classical knot invariants
Learning Models with Uniform Performance via Distributionally Robust Optimization
Mean estimation for entangled single-sample distributions
Molecular Biology Mysteries: Knotting and linking in DNA
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: sheets
Predictive inference with the jackknife+
Robust Subspace Recovery with Adversarial Outliers
(1) Energies and residues of manifolds and configuration saces of polygons
Nonlinear mechanics of elastic structures: rods
Not knot
Interview with Alla and Oleksiy Khrystych
Episode 290: Shor Salkas: Health Equity and Community Organizing
Make great money, change the world (for the better): PhD options in Management and Economics
Mentor Activity: Bringing Industrial Applications to the Mathematics Classroom
Panel Discussion: Emerging Opportunities for Applied Statistics and Quantitative Finance PhDs
Data Science: What is it? Why is everyone talking about it? Should you be doing it? (You probably are already)
Introduction and Overview
Panel Discussion: Emerging Opportunities for Applied Mathematics and Data Science PhDs
The Quite Reasonable Effectiveness of Mathematical Sciences
Abdullah Lami
A Vang
Episode 289: Colleen Waldie: BECAUSE Conference 2019
Nguyen Vo
Jesus Balderrama
Interview with Alexander Poletz
Interview with Stefan Iwaskewycz
Deborah Bisazza
Episode 288: Sue Wilson and Dean Johnson: Messiah Lutheran Church
Nazera Mohamed
Rafael Juarez Bibiano
Duncan McNab
Apple 'Honeycrisp'
Barry Sherbeck
Episode 287: Sasha Sentinel and Minda Mae: Disaburly Duo
Red Pine
A stability estimate for the inverse electroseismic problem
First Voice Representation in Museum Practice
Recovering Space Inhomogeneities by Means of Boltzmann Poison Systems
Reduced Order Models for Spectral Domain Inversion: Galerkin Equivalence and Generation of Internal Data
Shuiyi Hu
Stability for quantitative Photoacoustic tomography revisited
Nonlinear Microscopy for Imaging Deep in Scattering Tissue
Accelerating 4D PhotoAcoustic Tomography
Multifrequency acousto-optic tomography
Elias Lenz
White Lined Sphinx Moth (Caterpillar)
Renuka Gusain
Emanuel Rosetti
Waterlily 'Peace Lily'
Episode 286: BJ Metzger: Minneapolis/St. Paul LGBTQ+ History
Episode 283: Ellie Krug: Human Inspiration Works, LLC
Episode 285: Dennis Wyatt and David Novak: MNPoly
Episode 282: Sally Corbett: Bisexual Organizing Project
Protecting Human Rights in the Age of Counterterrorism
American Bladdernut Tree
Apple 'Minneiska'/'SweeTango'
"Sister Act" 2019 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
So, How Do You Get a Job?
Honest Water, Remembered Water: A Dialogue
Adam Fine
Recommendation Systems in Real Life
James Fleming
Jose-Angel Lombera
Martha Sanchez