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Annea Lockwood, Composer, on Natural Sounds, February 2013
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, November 2007
Ully Leitner, Organic Farmer, Oct. 2014
Rhoda Gilman, Historian, on Social Justice and Human Rights, Feb. 2014
Rebecca Scott, Professor of Sociology, on Coal Mining, April 2010
John Bohannon, Science Writer, on Dancing Your Ph. D., April 2010
Jennifer Linde and Daniel Brouwer, Communications Scholars, Aug. 2015
Candy Simmons, Producer & Actor, on Solo Performance, Aug. 2013
Robert Hammel, Filmmaker, on Filmmaking, November 2009
Kathy Jensen, Actor and Writer, on Acting, August 2010
Michael Cherlin, Professor of Music Theory, on Creativity and Collaboration, March 2007
Interview with Colleen Coghlan, Retired Librarian.
David Chang, Professor of History, on Native American Land, May 2008
Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Design, on the Future of Human-made Systems, April 2011
Bruce Cutler, Poet, on Journalistic Subjectivity and the American 19th Century, 1996
Interview with Dean Hawthorne & Christine Jaspers, Pokensword Reading Series.
Jeffrey Broadbent, Professor of Sociology, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
J. Baird Callicott, Professor of Philosophy, on Environmental Ethics, August 2008
Robert DeArmond, Arts Council Director, Apr. 2014
Elaine Ecklund, Scholar of Science and Religion, Mar. 2016