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Gretchen Buggeln, Professor of Christianity, on Church Architecture, March 2013
Rachel Jendrzejewski, Multidisciplinary Artist, on her Recent Projects, March 2013
Ravi Malhotra, Professor of Law, on the Disability Rights Movement, March 2013
Alice Shields, Composer, on her Musical Life, March 2013
Annea Lockwood, Composer, on Natural Sounds, February 2013
Dafna Naphtali, Composer, on her Process, February 2013
Hans Tammen, Composer, on his Musical Development, February 2013
Joel Chadabe, Composer, on Interactive Systems, February 2013
Judy Klein, Composer, on her Music, February 2013
Michael Gogins, Composer, on his Music, February 2013
Tae Hong Park, Composer, on New Music, February 2013
Angela Zito, Professor of Anthropology, on Religion, February 2013
Dana Whitco, Director of the Center for Creative Research, on the CCR, February 2013
Jeff Hackworth, Saxophonist, on Jazz the Way the Old Guys Played, February 2013
LeAnn Holland, Grad Student, on Adult Development, February 2013
Brian Kelley, Artist, on his Paintings, February 2013
Carey Bagdassarian and Elizabeth Mead, Sculptor and Chemist, on Emergent Properties, February 2013
Catherine Levesque, Chair of Art History, on Dutch Landcapes, February 2013
Charles Palermo, Professor of Art History, on Artistic Agency, February 2013
Naomi Falk, Professor of Art, on her Work, February 2013