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Zachary Thomases
David Lenzi
Lien Chung
Transforming Power: The Transition to Alternative Energies in the United States
Teaching Religion in Public: Re-reading Abington v Schempp for the Twenty-First Century
Episode 284: Ejay Jack and Dr Nicholas Kim: U off MN Comprehensive Health Gender Care
Kentucky Yellowwood
"Time's Up" 2019 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
A World Republic of Letters Overlooked by Pascale Casanova: The Literary International Between the Wars
Why Go to the Moon? Apollo, the Space Race, and the Many Faces of Lunar Exploration
Fartun Mohamed
The Romance of Obsolescence and the Promise of Hybriditiy
Is Democracy in Crisis? A Teach-In on Fascism and Racism
Eastern Redbud
Wisteria 'Summer Cascade'
"Love's Labor's Lost" 2019 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Probabilistic Analysis of Operational Transit Data to Create Insights for Planners
Probabilistic Analysis of Operational Transit Data to Create Insights for Planners
Lorena and Jesse Perez
Episode 281: Rhys Preston and Ali Sands
Episode 280: Dr. Cesar Gonzales and Dr. Oscar Manrique
Sheena 'Engelbert' Malnar Memorial Horse Sculpture
Sheena 'Engelbert' Malnar Memorial Horse Sculpture
Monarch caterpiller, chrysalis, and butterfly
Candice Dea
Greater Pasque Flower
Lawrence Pan
Amir Hisham
Maria Andres
Ricardo Perez
Afsaneh Nozari
Cassandra Yoo
Episode 279: Emma McBride: Outfront Minnesota
Ngai Kay Rachel Wong
Implementing the Rights Revolution? Effects of Sexual Assault and Harassment Training on College Campuses
Nicole Williams
Inventory Repositioning in On-Demand Product Rental Networks
Simple Bayesian Algorithms for Pure-exploration
Thompson Sampling for learning in online decision making
Interpreting Predictive Models for Human-in-the-Loop Analytics
Online Learning and Decision-Making under Generalized Linear Model with High-Dimensional Data
The Secret Behind Fast Delivery - From Inventory Management Perspective
Eileen Zrubek
Episode 278: Leah Yoemans and Shawna McNamara: Bisexual Organizing Project
Retail Supply Chain at Target Scale
Anja Cain
Ashley Montalvo
Azil Jahanbakhsh
Eleanor Matthews
Nicholas Kalanick
Adam Chisholm
Cierra Skyers
Evelyn Salguero
Joseph Grande
Oliver and Julia O'Mahoney
Madeleine Odutayo
Constructing and characterizing a local Langlands correspondence
Endoscopy and geometry
Harish-Chandra characters and the local Langlands correspondence
Some Remarks
Residue distributions and harmonic analysis on reductive groups
The geometric Langlands correspondence and electromagnetic duality
The p-adic Langlands program
The Shakespeare Requirement
Eisenstein Series and L-functions
Functoriality and Beyond Endoscopy
On an analytic theory of automorphic forms for complex algebraic curves
The Stable Trace Formula
A novel method to identify and prioritize drugs for an individual (N=1) based on clinical and multi-omics data
C-learning: A New Classification Framework to Estimate Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes
Efficient Discovery of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects via Anomalous Pattern Detection
Outcome-Weighted Learning for Personalized Medicine with Multiple Treatment Options
Personalized risk prediction using longitudinal data: Applications in obstetrics and cancer
Adaptive testing on a high-dimensional parameter with application to precision medicine
Campus Protests, Representation, and Educational Reform
Clustering Mixed-Type Data
Estimating and testing targeted mediation effect in the presence of high-dimensional mediators
HASS: Hybrid Algorithm for Subgroup Search via ADMM and EM Algorithms
Learning Multi-relations in Biomedical Networks and Tensors
Quantile Regression in Genetic studies
Statistical Analysis of SMART Studies via Arti_x000C_fcial Randomization
Statistical Inference of Covariate-Adjusted Randomized Experiment
Subash Gupta
A Bayesian Imputation Approach to Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes
Analysis of implantable cardiac device diagnostics to tailor management of heart failure
How good is your selected subgroup?
Matched Learning for Optimizing Individualized Treatment Strategies Using Electronic Health Records
Optimal treatment and timing of routine surveillance in children after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantaion
Thinking Causally About High-Dimensional Databases
Avery Lee
"Dance Works 2018" 2018 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre dance concert photographs
"Significant Other" 2018 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Louis Fiore
Maria Arteaga
Rosa Arteaga
Ricardo and Gaby Padilla
Addressing spatial uncertainty during remote sensing data analysis
Primal-dual algorithms and their applications