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Justin Smith and Kathleen Batalden Smith, Organic Farmers, on their Business
Kate Roberts, Volunteer Coordinator, on her Work, July 2012
Krystal Spinler, Restaurant Owner, on her Business, November 2012
Lea Kirchner and Bryce Wolle, Gardeners, on Gardening, August 2012
Mari Harries, Restaurant Owner, on her Restaurant, July 2012
Ryan Batalden, Organic Farmer, on His Farm, August 2012
Sunny Ruthchild, Organic Farmer, on her Ideals, July 2012
Terese Hall, Farmer, on her Business, October 2012
Tina Richards, Artist and Teacher, on Hmong Gardeners, Walnut Grove, Minnesota August 2012
Tom Nuessmeier, Hog Farmer, on his Operation, March 2013