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Morgan Grayce Willow, Poet, Mar. 2016
Molly Zahn, Professor of Religious Studies, on Rewritten Scripture, April 2011
Moishe Postone, Professor of History, on his Life, April 2008
Milena Klimek, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Mike Tidwell, Author and Filmmaker, on Climate Change, September 2010
Mike Hazard, Poet and Filmmaker, on Responding to Evil, Apr. 2014
Michelle Filkins, Journal Founder, on Publishing, July 2014
Michelle Dammon Loyalka, Journalist, on China, April 2012
Michal Hvorecký, Author, Apr. 2015
Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011