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Plate 383 (Plate CCCLXXXIII), Long-eared Owl
Plate 384 (Plate CCCLXXXIV), Black-throated Bunting
Plate 385 (Plate CCCLXXXV), Bank Swallow, Violet-Green Swallow, No. 77
Plate 387 (Plate CCCLXXXVII), Glossy Ibis
Plate 388 (Plate CCCLXXXVIII), Nuttall's Starling, Yellow-headed Troopial, Bullock's Oriole
Plate 389 (Plate CCCLXXXIX), Red-Cockaded Wodopecker
Plate 390 (Plate CCCXC), Lark Finch, Prairie Finch, Brown Song Sparrow
Plate 391 (Plate CCCXCI), Brandt Goose
Plate 392 (Plate CCCXCII), Louisiana Hawk
Plate 393 (Plate CCCXCIII), Townsend's Warbler, Arctic Blue-bird, Western Blue-bird