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Plate 428 (Plate CDXXVIII), Townsend's Sandpiper
Plate 429 (Plate CDXXIX), Western Duck
Plate 430 (Plate CDXXX), Slender-billed Guillemot
Plate 432 (Plate CDXXXII), Burrowing Owl, Large-headed Burrowing Owl, Little night Owl, Columbian Owl, Short-eared Owl
Plate 433 (Plate CDXXXIII), Bullock's Oriole, Baltimore Oriole, Mexican Goldfinch, Varied Thrush, Common Water Thrush
Plate 434 (Plate CDXXXIV), Little Tyrant Fly-catcher, Small-headed Fly-catcher, Blue Mountain Warbler, Bartram's Vireo, Short-legged Pewee, Rocky Mountain Fly-catcher
The tourist's pocket map of the state of Ohio : exhibiting its internal improvements, roads, distances &c.
The travellers guide through Ohio : with its canals, roads & distances
Bokhara, Cabool, Beloochistan &c
Eastern Siberia