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Clip of promotion for World Affairs and University of Minnesota Television on KTCA-TV
Clip of the conclusion of World Affairs with announcer George Grim
Clips of National Public Radio (NPR) reports on the Specialized Audience Module Service feed.
Conversation with Nils Hasselmo on Swedish language research in Chisago County, Minnesota
Cultures in Conflict: Anglo-American and Indian Relations, 1607 to Present by Dr. Robert Berkhofer
Defense without Annihilation with Gene Sharp, Stephen Young, and Kathleen Staggs
Discussion of folk music in Minnesota.
Discussion of world economies and trade with unidentified speakers
Don Fraser, "Terrorism and the Rule of Law" with response by Brian Job and Charles McLaughlin given at World Law Day, Part I
Do You Know What War Costs You? By Dr. Seymour Melman