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Interior drop set
Interior drop with exterior baseball stadium scene
Interior Drop with fountain
Interior Drop with screens
Jesus Cut piece sketch
Landscape concept sketch
Landscape of Egypt
Landscape of Egypt
Landscape Symmetrical garden drop
Landscape with wooded path
Masonic sketch of palatial chamber
Masonic sketch of Solomon's Audience Chamber
Red draperies with garden drop
Red draperies with pyramid drop
Red drapery with valence and swag
Rocky pass with stream
Stream with birches and red drapes
Tree Tormentor
White drapes for opening
White drapes with deco applique
Wooded path with lake
Wooded path with stream
Densford, Katharine Jane
S.S. Kresge. Co. building on Nicollet and 6th. St., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Reception party
Board Meeting dinner
Keep these off the U.S.A. : buy more Liberty Bonds
Skjematisert oversiktskart over Jordbruksarealet i Sør-Norge
Old timer : ... both you and that equipment are too important to national defense to take any chances ... electricit
Old timer : ... I know I can help out Uncle Same in this plant! : ... this national defense work is mighty importan
Old timer : ... let's break the record ...
Old timer : ... we need all you can send us ... : ... we can do just that ... national defense is the greatest safet
Steining the Steiner Formula
Monotone Hurwitz numbers and the HCIZ integral
Interview with Michael Novak - part 1
Interview with Michael Novak - part 2
Lower Bound Theorems and a Generalized Lower Bound Conjecture for Balanced Simplicial Complexes
Exit time problem in an incompressible flow
The Partial- Approach to Approximate Inverse Scattering at Fixed Energy in Three Dimensions
Letter from R. Novi to Robert P. Harris, 1892
Republikanische Aktion! : Appell : freiheitlicher Staatsburger am Reichsgrundunstage! : Montag 18. Januar : Sportpal
The Evolution of Cooperation: Why We Need Each Other to Succeed
Imaging with Wireless Sensor Networks
Active Clustering and Ranking
Active Learning vs. Compressed Sensing
Finite Sample Error Bounds for Ordinal Embedding
Large-Scale Multiple Testing in Medical Informatics
Learning on a Budget
Multiple exciton generation in semiconductor quantum dots and novel molecules: Applications to third generation solar photon conversion
Denmark, Sweden and Norway