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Scene from a Finnish play
Scene in YMCA Victory Celebrations
Schipfer, Dr. L.A.
School of Mines and Metallury, Faculty, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Schuchert, Charles
Scrapbooks, Photographs, and Memorabilia. Scrapbooks. 1910. (Box 12, Folder 1)
Sectional map and a few convincing facts of Carlton County and vicinity
Sectional map, St. Louis County, Minn.
Seeds of Quality, "Choice Farm-Field-Lawn and Garden Seeds"
Seetamati and her sister
Segelbaum Family members at their home, Albert Lea, Minnesota
Sepoy's Hut Fort William
Sepoys in an Indian Army 'Y' Hut.
Sexton, Charles W.
Sexton, Charles W.
Sexton, Charles W.
Shah A'lum (Alam) entrance gate, Ahmedabad
Shah Al'um's [Alam's] Marble Tomb
Shanghai Boys' Building - Revision of Plans