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Alois Gottfried's garden
Alois Gottfried's residence in Browerville, Minnesota
Barn at the Gottfried farm, Browerville, Minnesota
Browerville, Minnesota
Farm house with barn, Browerville, Minnesota
Gottfried, Alois
Gottfried, Alois
Gottfried, Alois washing clothes
Gottfried apartment, Chicago, Illinois
Gottfried farm
Gottfried farm in Browerville, Minnesota
Gottfried farm in Broweville
Man and two horses
Sojka family portrait
Two men on haystack
Young man and two horses
Portrait of Eliza Wetherbee Woodward
Portrait of Isaac Burnap Woodward
Letter from J.H. Goss to Robert P. Harris, 1890
Nezavidnye funktsii.
Utro Vechera Mudrenee
Al Hoda silver jubilee
Tubes and Cylinders
Interview with Kayla Gore
Interview with David Gore
Stochastic Time-Change of Default Intensity Models: Pricing and Estimation
Polacy! Idzcie na boj na prawy -- za ziemie Polska, za pokrzywdzona!
Oldest surviving house in Norway built in the 1200 A.D.
Born to Be
Letter from S.C. Gordon to Robert P. Harris, 1887
Letter from S.C. Gordon to Robert P. Harris, 1887
17th Century, Scotland
17th Century, Scotland
Interview with Rabbi Yosi Gordon (1944 - ), Minneapolis, Minnesota
Interview with Miriam Gordon
Boa Noite
Interview with Irwine Gordon, United Jewish Fund and Council Oral History Project, St. Paul, Minnesota
Letter to Taisto Elo
Loose Photos: Events, Family, Friends, Torah (Box 01, Folder 05)
Loose scrapbook contents: Correspondence, News Clippings, Awards, Eulogy (Box 02, Folder 01)
Photo Scrapbook 1 (Box 01, Folder 01)
Photo Scrapbook 2 (Box 01, Folder 02)
Photo Scrapbook 3 (Box 01, Folder 03)
Photo Scrapbook 4 (Box 01, Folder 04)
Photo Scrapbook 5 (Box 01, Folder 06)
Photo Scrapbook 6 (Box 01, Folder 07)
Photo Scrapbook 7 (Box 01, Folder 08)
Scrap Book 1 (Box 02, Folder 02)
The Position of Negro Women
Interview with Bernice Cowl Gordon