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Plate 005 (Plate V), Bonaparte's Flycatcher
Plate 006 (Plate VI), Wild Turkey
Plate 007 (Plate VII), Purple Grakle or Common Crow Blackbird
Plate 008 (Plate VIII), White throated Sparrow
Plate 009 (Plate IX), Selby's Flycatcher
Plate 010 (Plate X), Brown Titlark
Plate 011 (Plate XI), Bird of Washington
Plate 012 (Plate XII), Baltimore Oriole
Plate 013 (Plate XIII), Snow Bird
Plate 014 (Plate XIV), Prairie Warbler
Plate 015 (Plate XV), Blue Yellow-backed Warbler
Plate 016 (Plate XVI), Great-footed Hawk
Plate 017 (Plate XVII), Carolina Turtle Dove
Plate 018 (Plate XVIII), Bewick's Wren
Plate 019 (Plate XIX), Louisiana Water Thrush
Plate 020 (Plate XX), Blue-winged Yellow Warbler
Plate 021 (Plate XXI), Mocking Bird
Plate 022 (Plate XXII), Purple Martin
Plate 023 (Plate XXIII), Yellow-breasted Warbler
Plate 024 (Plate XXIV), Roscoe's Yellow-throat
Plate 025 (Plate XXV), Song Sparrow
Plate 026 (Plate XXVI), Carolina Parrot
Plate 027 (Plate XXVII), Red headed Woodpecker
Plate 028 (Plate XXVIII), Solitary Flycatcher or Vireo
Plate 029 (Plate XXIX), Towhe Bunting
Plate 030 (Plate XXX), Vigors's Warbler
Plate 031 (Plate XXXI), White-headed Eagle
Plate 032 (Plate XXXII), Black-billed Cuckoo
Plate 033 (Plate XXXIII), American Goldfinch
Plate 034 (Plate XXXIV), Worm eating Warbler
Plate 035 (Plate XXXV), Children's Warbler
Plate 036 (Plate XXXVI), Stanley Hawk
Plate 037 (Plate XXXVII), Golden-winged Woodpecker
Plate 038 (Plate XXXVIII), Kentucky Warbler
Plate 039 (Plate XXXIX), Crested Titmouse
Plate 040 (Plate XL), American Redstart
Plate 041 (Plate XLI), Ruffed Grouse
Plate 042 (Plate XLII), Orchard Oriole
Plate 043 (Plate XLIII), Cedar Bird
Plate 044 (Plate XLIV), Summer Red Bird
Plate 045 (Plate XLV), Traill's Flycatcher
Plate 046 (Plate XLVI), Barred Owl
Plate 047 (Plate XLVII), Ruby-throated Humming  Bird
Plate 048 (Plate XLVIII), Azure Warbler
Plate 049 (Plate XLIX), Blue-green Warbler
Plate 050 (Plate L), Black & Yellow Warbler
Plate 051 (Plate LI), Red-tailed Hawk
Plate 052 (Plate LII), Chuck-will's Widow
Plate 053 (Plate LIII), Painted Finch
Plate 054 (Plate LIV), Rice Bird