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Bald Eagle over Mount Vernon
Ballet, Arthur H.
Basil, Douglas
Basket display
Basket display
Beck, Robert H.
Beiersdorf, Alice
Belanger, Ovide B.
Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Berg, Sherwood O.
Bernard Bowron, "Lesson of the Master"
Berryman, Edward
Berryman, John
Bisbila, Student Yearbook, 1957
Black caps near Molalla, Oregon
Black raspberry (black caps)
Black raspberry (black caps)
Blakely, Bob
Blegen, Theodore Christian
Blindfolded woman
Bloland, Paul A.
Blueberry Field
B'nai Brith Youth Organization sleigh ride, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bolstad, Lloyd
Bonnie Heller's Scrapbook Photographs
Bonnie Heller's Scrapbook Photographs
Bossing, Nelson L.
Bowen, Robert O.
Boyce, Lloyd
Boyd, Willard L.
Boyle, James D.
Braasch-Sullivan Case, "The case of the missing lawyers," right to counsel
Brasted, Robert C.
Brattain, Walter H.
Brattain, Walter H.
Broek, Jan O. M.
Buchta, John William
Buckwheat field used for goose browsing in fall
Bulletin of the Lowell Technological Institute and LTI Alumni Bulletin by Dr. Chapin A. Harris, 1957 (Box 64, Folder 15)
Burroughs Farms
Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija, 1957 (Box 20, Folder 7)
Cahan vs. California, "The case of the California bookie," legal search and seizure
Cain, Donald G.
Callahan, Ann P.
Calypso Song Book: Authentic Folk Music of the Caribbean
Cameron, Robert H.
Cameron, Robert H. with John M. H. Olmsted
Campus Views. St. Paul Campus
Campus Views. St. Paul Campus. Model of proposed campus plan for 1970.