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Plate 105 (Plate CV), Red-breasted Nuthatch
Plate 106 (Plate CVI), Black Vulture or Carrion Crow
Plate 107 (Plate CVII), Canada Jay
Plate 108 (Plate CVIII), Fox-coloured Sparrow
Plate 109 (Plate CIX), Savannah Finch
Plate 110 (Plate CX), Hooded Warbler
Plate 111 (Plate CXI), Pileated Woodpecker
Plate 112 (Plate CXII), Downy Woodpecker
Plate 113 (Plate CXIII), Blue-bird
Plate 114 (Plate CXIV), White-crowned Sparrow
Plate 115 (Plate CXV), Wood Pewee
Plate 116 (Plate CXVI), Ferruginous Thrush
Plate 117 (Plate CXVII), Mississippi Kite
Plate 118 (Plate CXVIII), Warbling Flycatcher
Plate 119 (Plate CXIX), Yellow-throated Vireo
Plate 120 (Plate CXX), Pewee Flycatcher
Plate 121 (Plate CXXI), Snowy Owl
Plate 122 (Plate CXXII), Blue Grosbeak
Plate 123 (Plate CXXIII), Black & Yellow Warbler
Plate 124 (Plate CXXIV), Green Black-capt Flycatcher
Plate 125 (Plate CXXV), Brown-headed Nuthatch
Plate 126 (Plate CXXVI), White-headed Eagle
Plate 127 (Plate CXXVII), Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Plate 128 (Plate CXXVIII), Cat Bird
Plate 129 (Plate CXXIX), Great Crested Flycatcher
Plate 130 (Plate CXXX), Yellow-winged Sparrow
Plate 131 (Plate CXXXI), American Robin
Plate 132 (Plate CXXXII), Three-toed Woodpecker
Plate 133 (Plate CXXXIII), Black-poll Warbler
Plate 134 (Plate CXXXIV), Hemlock Warbler
Plate 135 (Plate CXXXV), Blackburnian Warbler
Plate 136 (Plate CXXXVI), Meadow Lark, No, 28
Plate 137 (Plate CXXXVII), Yellow-breasted Chat
Plate 138 (Plate CXXXVIII), Connecticut Warbler, No 28
Plate 139 (Plate CXXXIX), Field Sparrow
Plate 140 (Plate CXL), Pine Creeping Warbler
Plate 141 (Plate CXLI), Goshawk, Stanley Hawk, No. 29
Plate 142 (Plate CXLII), American Sparrow Hawk
Plate 143 (Plate CXLIII), Golden-crowned Thrush
Plate 144 (Plate CXLIV), Small Green Crested Flycatcher
Plate 145 (Plate CXLV), Yellow Red-poll Warbler
Plate 146 (Plate CXLVI), Fish Crow
Plate 147 (Plate CXLVII), Night Hawk
Plate 148 (Plate CXLVIII), Pine Swamp Warbler
Plate 149 (Plate CXLIX), Sharp-tailed Finch
Plate 150 (Plate CL), Red-eyed Vireo
Plate 151 (Plate CLI), Turkey Buzzard
Plate 152 (Plate CLII), White-breasted Black-capped Nuthatch
Plate 153 (Plate CLIII), Yellow rump Warbler
Plate 154 (Plate CLIV), Tennessee Warbler