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Notes from lectures on the operations of surgery by Henry Cline [manuscript] / taken in the year 1789 by C. Henning, Volume 2
Eugene McCarthy Greets Crowd of African-American Supporters
Administrative Report, W. W. Cline, Kaifeng, China, November 19, 1920
Annual Administrative Report, December third, 1921
Annual Administrative Report For 1925. Warren W. Cline. Kaifeng, China. April fifth, 1926.
Annual Administrative Report for 1927, W. W. Cline, August 10, 1928
Annual Administrative Report, W. W. Cline, Feb. 16, 1923
Annual Report for 1931, Young Men's Christian Association, Kirin, Manchuria, China. Manchuria Mission Conference, Mukden, China, January 22, 1932.
Annual Report Letter of Warren W. Cline, Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association on Language Study, Peking, China, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1919
W. W. Cline, Annual Letter, Peitaiho, August 8, 1919