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Plate 035 (Plate XXXV), Children's Warbler
Plate 036 (Plate XXXVI), Stanley Hawk
Plate 037 (Plate XXXVII), Golden-winged Woodpecker
Plate 038 (Plate XXXVIII), Kentucky Warbler
Plate 039 (Plate XXXIX), Crested Titmouse
Plate 040 (Plate XL), American Redstart
Plate 041 (Plate XLI), Ruffed Grouse
Plate 042 (Plate XLII), Orchard Oriole
Plate 043 (Plate XLIII), Cedar Bird
Plate 044 (Plate XLIV), Summer Red Bird
Plate 045 (Plate XLV), Traill's Flycatcher
Plate 046 (Plate XLVI), Barred Owl
Plate 047 (Plate XLVII), Ruby-throated Humming  Bird
Plate 048 (Plate XLVIII), Azure Warbler
Plate 049 (Plate XLIX), Blue-green Warbler
Plate 050 (Plate L), Black & Yellow Warbler
Plate 051 (Plate LI), Red-tailed Hawk
Plate 052 (Plate LII), Chuck-will's Widow
Plate 053 (Plate LIII), Painted Finch
Plate 054 (Plate LIV), Rice Bird
Plate 055 (Plate LV), Cuvier's Regulus
Plate 056 (Plate LVI), Red-shouldered Hawk
Plate 057 (Plate LVII), Loggerhead Shrike
Plate 058 (Plate LVIII), Hermit Thrush
Plate 059 (Plate LIX), Chestnut-sided Warbler
Plate 060 (Plate LX), Carbonated Warbler
Plate 061 (Plate LXI), Great Horned Owl
Plate 062 (Plate LXII), Passenger Pigeon
Plate 063 (Plate LXIII), White-eyed Flycatcher or Vireo
Plate 064 (Plate LXIV), Swamp Sparrow
Plate 065 (Plate LXV), Rathbone Warbler
Plate 066 (Plate LXVI), Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Plate 067 (Plate LXVII), Red winged Starling or Marsh Blackbird
Plate 068 (Plate LXVIII), Republican or Cliff Swallow
Plate 069 (Plate LXIX), Bay-breasted Warbler
Plate 070 (Plate LXX), Henslow's Bunting
Plate 071 (Plate LXXI), Winter Hawk
Plate 072 (Plate LXXII), Swallow-tailed Hawk
Plate 073 (Plate LXXIII), Wood Thrush
Plate 074 (Plate LXXIV), Indigo Bird
Plate 075 (Plate LXXV), Le Petit Caporal
Plate 076 (Plate LXXVI), Virginian Partridge
Plate 077 (Plate LXXVII), Belted Kingsfisher
Plate 078 (Plate LXXVIII), Great Carolina Wren
Plate 079 (Plate LXXIX), Tyrant Fly-catcher
Plate 080 (Plate LXXX), Prairie Titlark
Plate 081 (Plate LXXXI), Fish Hawk, or Osprey
Plate 082 (Plate LXXXII), Whip-poor-will
Plate 083 (Plate LXXXIII), House Wren
Plate 084 (Plate LXXXIV), Blue-grey Fly-catcher