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Aomono sakana gunzei ookassen no zu
A, Ordered index cards to the glass plate and film negatives (Index Cards)
AOS Conference in Toronto, 1939. (Box 3, Folder 42)
AOS constitution, 1942. (Box 3, Folder 39)
AOS, Midwest Section -- Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1940. (Box 3, Folder 43)
AOS report, Cleveland, 1942. (Box 3, Folder 41)
AOS yearbook, 1957. (Box 3, Folder 40)
A Page of Buddhism: A priest at his private devotions.
A Page of Buddhism: A wayside shrine and favorite resort of pilgrims.
A Page of Buddhism: Daily worship in a temple. Priest to the left is beating a sweet toned brass gong;