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The Taj Mahal from the river, Agra
The Taj Mahal from the top of the entrance gate, Agra
The Tanks: Aden, Arabia.
The Tanks: Aden, Arabia.
The Temple and Gopurams from the approach, Tanjore [Tanjavur]
The Tiger Caves, Elephanta Caves
The Trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Elephanta Caves
The two minarets near the railway station, Ahmedabad
The Ummer Sing [Umer Singh] gate and fort, Agra
The Well of Knowledge, Benares
The Yacht Club, Bombay
The Zenana, Agra
Three Fields on the Railway Incline
Toddy-man climbing tree
Tomb in the Hooseinabad [Hussainabad], Lucknow
Tomb of Rani Sipri, Ahmedabad
Tomb of the First King of Oude [Awadh], Lucknow
Travellers Palm
Travellers Palm, Kandy, Ceylon
Travellers palms, Ceylon
Tree Ferns, Ceylon
Tree ferns, Ceylon
Trichinopoly [Tiruchirapalli] Rock Temple and Tank
Two bullock Reckla [Rekla]
University Library and Clock Tower, Bombay
Untitled (?)
Up Country Carriage, Madras
Veerabudraswamy [Veerabhadraswamy], Puthoo Muntapam, Madura [Madurai]
Veranda of Sheesh Mahal, Amber
Victoria Station, Bombay
View of the Bhore Ghats near Khandalla
View of the Bhore Ghats near Khandalla
Village gossips
Vishnu Pud and Ghat, Benares
Vishnu Pud and Ghats, Benares
Wild elephant noosed
Wild elephants in the forest
Wind Palace, front, Jeypore [Jaipur]
Woman picking tea
Woman picking tea, Ceylon
Women sifting tea
Quarantine Sketchbook
Distributed Computing Under Uncertainty
Estimation of Sparse Graphical Models
Supreme convention
Eldridge's chart from Cape Cod to Belle Isle : including the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence and banks of Newfoundland, with plans on a large scale of the coast of Nova Scotia from Cape Canso to Pictou, the coast of Cape Breton from Scatari to Sydney, and the harbors of St. Johns N.F. St. John, N.B., Halifax, Miramichi, & Cape Canso
A unified framework for inviscid and viscous simulations of biolocomotion
The best low-rank Tucker approximation of a tensor
Ceremonies in Dark Old Men
Ceremonies in Dark Old Men