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1976 - 100 of 210479 results
Plate 176 (Plate CLXXVI), Spotted or Canada Grouse
Plate 177 (Plate CLXXVII), White Headed Pigeon
Plate 178 (Plate CLXXVIII), Orange-crowned Warbler
Plate 179 (Plate CLXXIX), Wood Wren
Plate 180 (Plate CLXXX), Pine Finch
Plate 181 (Plate CLXXXI), Golden Eagle
Plate 182 (Plate CLXXXII), Ground Dove
Plate 183 (Plate CLXXXIII), American Golden crested-Wren
Plate 184 (Plate CLXXXIV), Mango Humming Bird
Plate 185 (Plate CLXXXV), Bachman's Warbler
Plate 186 (Plate CLXXXVI), Pinnated Grous
Plate 187 (Plate CLXXXVII), Boat-tailed Grackle
Plate 188 (Plate CLXXXVIII), Tree Sparrow
Plate 189 (Plate CLXXXIX), Snow Bunting
Plate 190 (Plate CXC), Yellow bellied Woodpecker
Plate 191 (Plate CXCI), Willow Grous
Plate 192 (Plate CXCII), Great cinereous Shrike or Butcher Bird
Plate 193 (Plate CXCIII), Lincoln Finch
Plate 194 (Plate CXCIV), Hudson's Bay Titmouse
Plate 195 (Plate CXCV), Ruby crowned Wren
Plate 196 (Plate CXCVI), Labrador Falcon
Plate 197 (Plate CXCVII), Common Crossbill
Plate 198 (Plate CXCVIII), Swainson's Warbler
Plate 199 (Plate CXCIX), Little Owl
Plate 200 (Plate CC), Shore Lark
Plate 201 (Plate CCI), Canada Goose
Plate 202 (Plate CCII), Red-throated Diver
Plate 203 (Plate CCIII), Great Red brested Rail or Fresh-water Marsh hen
Plate 204 (Plate CCIV), Clapper Rail or Salt-water Marsh hen
Plate 205 (Plate CCV), Virginian Rail
Plate 206 (Plate CCVI), Summer or Wood Duck
Plate 207 (Plate CCVII), Booby Gannet
Plate 208 (Plate CCVIII), Esquimaux Curlew
Plate 209 (Plate CCIX), Wilson's Plover
Plate 210 (Plate CCX), Least Bittern
Plate 211 (Plate CCXI), Great blue Heron
Plate 212 (Plate CCXII), Common American Gull
Plate 213 (Plate CCXIII), Puffin
Plate 214 (Plate CCXIV), Razor billed Auk
Plate 215 (Plate CCXV), Hyperborean phalarope
Plate 216 (Plate CCXVI), Wood Ibis
Plate 217 (Plate CCXVII), Louisiana Heron
Plate 218 (Plate CCXVIII), Foolish Guillemot
Plate 219 (Plate CCXIX), Black Guillemot
Plate 220 (Plate CCXX), Piping Plover
Plate 221 (Plate CCXXI), Mallard Duck
Plate 222 (Plate CCXXII), White Ibis
Plate 223 (Plate CCXXIII), American oyster-catcher
Plate 224 (Plate CCXXIV), Kittiwake Gull
Plate 225 (Plate CCXXV), Kildeer Plover