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Teenage boys play softball at the Groveland Park Elementary School, St. Paul, Minnesota
Ted Sizer on Education
Ted, Mother, and Ruth Sinykin Kozberg in Lead, South Dakota
Ted Goldstein and Ruth Peilen at Sophie Wirth camp, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Ted Farmer, Professor of History, on Humanity, August 2010
Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem
Teddy bear in the window of Aspen Dental
Teddy bear and another stuffed animal in a tree
Teddy and Wooly Bear
Ted Drake’s nature class and building at YMCA Camp Ihduhapi, Lake Independence, Loretto, Minnesota, 1935.
Tectonic Map of the Scotia Arc
Technology talks with Richard Caldecott and Michael McDonald, speeches given at conference at Coffman Union
Technology, Living Cities and Human Environment by Dr. Athelstan Spilhaus
Techniques and Rationale for Motion Picture Restoration
Technical Lecture No. 12: Progress and Problems in Korean Education by Dr. Willard E. Goslin, 1958 (Box 2, Folder 7)
Technical Economic Survey, 1964 (Box 12, Folder 8)