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McCarthy Signing Autograph
McCarthy Sitting
McCarthy Smiling
McCarthy Speaking
McCarthy Speaking at Airport Runway
McCarthy Speaking at a Meeting
McCarthy Speaking at a Meeting
McCarthy Speaking at a Meeting
McCarthy Speaking at College Conference
McCarthy Speaking at Commencement
McCarthy Speaking at Event
McCarthy Speaking at Podium
McCarthy Speaking at Texas Hotel
McCarthy Speaking in Dining Room
McCarthy Speaking in New Hampshire
McCarthy Speaking to Congregation
McCarthy Speaking to Crowd
McCarthy Speaking to Crowd
McCarthy Speaking to Students
McCarthys Reading Newspaper
McCarthy Staffer
McCarthy Staff Event
McCarthy Staff Member at Desk
McCarthy Staff Member at Desk
McCarthy staff member Curtis Gans
McCarthy Staff Member on Phone
McCarthy Staff Member on Telephone
McCarthy Standing in Front of a Painting
McCarthy supporter on telephone.
McCarthy Supporter Reading Notes
McCarthy Supporters
McCarthy Supporters
McCarthy Supporters and Bus
McCarthy supporter seated at typewriter
McCarthy Supporters Leaning over a Table
McCarthy Supporters on the Beach
McCarthy Surrounded by the Press in NH
McCarthy Talking to Farmer
McCarthy Talking to JFK
McCarthy Talking to Man
McCarthy Talking to Women
McCarthy Talking with Group
McCarthy Talking with Man
McCarthy Talking With Shoemakers
McCarthy Touring a Factory
McCarthy Typing
McCarthy Up Close
McCarthy Using a Telephone
McCarthy Visiting Kino Statue
McCarthy Visiting Laborers
McCarthy Visiting MN National Guard
McCarthy Visiting University of Minnesota
McCarthy Volunteer
McCarthy Walking in NH
McCarthy Walking on Cobblestones
McCarthy Walking Over River
McCarthy Wearing Kennedy Hat
McCarthy With a Farmer
McCarthy with a Group
McCarthy with a Group at DFL Event
McCarthy with Ambassador of Japan
McCarthy With American Legion Member
McCarthy with Anthony Eden, Barry Goldwater, and Others
McCarthy with Award Winner
McCarthy with Boeing Employees
McCarthy with Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen
McCarthy with Businessmen
McCarthy with Children
McCarthy With Couple
McCarthy with Daughter
McCarthy with David Winton
McCarthy with Farm Bureau Women
McCarthy With Farmer and Children
McCarthy with Farm Leaders
McCarthy with Foreign Military Members
McCarthy with Geordie Hormel
McCarthy with Governor Rolvaag
McCarthy with Governor Rolvaag
McCarthy with Group
McCarthy with Harold Geneen in Boca Raton
McCarthy with Hugh Mitchell
McCarthy with Humphrey and Others
McCarthy with International Journalists
McCarthy with Japanese Purchasing Group
McCarthy with John Alexander
McCarthy with John F. Kennedy
McCarthy with Laborer
McCarthy With Laborers
McCarthy with Locomotive Safety Award
McCarthy with Luci Baines Johnson
McCarthy with Luci Baines Johnson and unidentifed man
McCarthy With Man in a Factory
McCarthy with Man Outside a Store
McCarthy with Members of the Miltary
McCarthy with Men
McCarthy with Michigan Democrat Club
McCarthy With Minneapolis Bank Secretary
McCarthy with Minnesota Cherry Blossom Princess
McCarthy with Minnesota Representatives
McCarthy with NAM Members