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Members of Avatan Nude Recreation Camp (4/6), June 2015
Caroline Halliday, Textile Artist, Sep. 2015
Kat Hayes, Anthropologist, Feb. 2015
Patricia Hampl, Professor of English, on Lyric Poetry, October 2009
Christoph Conrad, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Will Weaver, Author, Apr. 2014
John Harwood, Professor of Architectural History, on Corporate Architecture, November 2009
Members of Avatan Nude Recreation Camp (5/6), June 2015
David Gaines, Actor, on Acting, August 2011
Laura Bridget Regan, Musician, on Finding Her Voice, August 2012
Savannah Rhomberg-Reich, Playwright, on Theater, August 2010
Cherif Keita, Professor of French, on Mali, November 2012
Rebekah Rentzel, Director, on her Practice, August 2011
John Jodzio, Author, Sep. 2015
John Davis, Educational Administrator, and Shanti Pothapragada, Student, on Civic Service, February 2008
Andreas Eckert, Director of re:work Center, Nov. 2014
Samantha Bohrman, Author, Feb. 2016
Kao Kalia Yang, Author, on Hmong Identity and Writing, March 2008
William LaFleur, Professor of Japanese Studies, on Organ Donation, October 2006
Arthur Knight, Professor of American Studies, on Cinema, February 2013
Raymond Toller, Ph.D. Candidate in Evolutionary Biology, Aug. 2014
Mary Vaughan, Retired Teacher, on Prison, 2004
Jim Lutz, Professor of Architecture, on Architecture in Haiti
Kairn Klieman, Professor of History, on Pre-colonial Africa, November 2007
Jaime Gjerdingen, LitKnit Founder, Nov. 2015
Ravi Malhotra, Professor of Law, on the Disability Rights Movement, March 2013
Nigel Clark, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, on Humans in Extremis, April 2011
John Davis, Educational Administrator, on Education, May 2007
Jonathan Hall, Professor of Classics, on Ethnic Identity, April 2011
Charles Palermo, Professor of Art History, on Artistic Agency, February 2013
Jane Kirtley, Professor of Media Ethics and Law, on Freedom of the Press, April 2010
Reinhard Derntl, Vegetable Farmer, Sep. 2014
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on the Ethics of Representation, February 2008
Hong-Ming Liang, Professor of History and Politics, Apr. 2014
Brad Hokanson, Professor of Design, on Creativity, December 2009
Tom Conley, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, on Cinema, April 2010
Brian Kelley, Artist, on his Paintings, February 2013
Naomi Scheman, Philosopher, Apr. 2016
Susan Buck-Morss, Professor of Political Philosophy, on Visual Imagery, February 2009
Shane Courtland, Philosopher, Apr. 2014
Robert Wallace, Evolutionary Biologist, on the Agroeconomics of Disease, July 2015
Helena Goscilo, Professor of Slavic Languages, on Soviet Posters, Oct. 2013
Bill Foley, Photographer, on Photography, February 2009
Susan McIntosh, Professor of Anthropology, on African History, November 2007
Martin Balluch, Animal Rights Activist, Aug. 2014
Andrew Newman, Professor of Anthropology, on Parks, October 2011
Lise Lunge-Larsen, Troll Expert, Apr. 2014
Maran Wolston, Philosopher, on Philosophy and Multiple Sclerosis, February 2011
Norbert Hintersteininger, Breeder and Software Designer, Sep. 2014
Evalyn Parry, Playwright and Musician, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010