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Local Association Miscellaneous Materials. London. Miscellaneous, 1878-1890. (Box 13, Folder 2)
The Sunday-school hymnal and service book
Year Book, Containing Reports of the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association and Statistical Reports of Associations, 1879
D. M. Ferry & Co. Illustrated, Descriptive and Priced Catalogue of Garden, Flower and Agricultural Seeds, 1880
YMCA of Brooklyn Annual Report, 1880
Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 12
Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 16
Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 29
Local Association Reports. London. Annual reports, 1883-1892. (Box 28, Folder 10)
Local Association Reports. London. London YMCA reports, 1883-1895 (incomplete). (Box 39, Reports 1883-1895)