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Effective constructions in algebraic topology and topological data analysis
Equivariant methods in chromatic homotopy theory
Graph Clustering Dynamics: From Spectral to Mean Shift
Great Spangled Fritillary
Gromov-Hausdorff distances, Borsuk-Ulam theorems, and Vietoris-Rips Complexes
Homology crowding in configuration spaces of disks
How Well Can We Generalize Nonlinear Learning Models in High Dimensions??
Integrative Discriminant Analysis Methods for Multi-view Data
Intelligent Randomized Algorithms for the Low CP-Rank Tensor Approximation Problem
Interview with Margaret Deirdre O'Hartigan
Lecture (Remotely)
Limits of Dense Simplicial Complexes
Method of Moments: From Sample Complexity to Efficient Implicit Computations
Motivic Euler characteristics and the Motivic Segal-Becker theorem (Remotely)
On Multiclass Adversarial Training, Perimeter Minimization, and Multimarginal Optimal Transport Problems
Path induction and the indiscernibility of identicals
Persistent cup-length
Persistent homology and its fibre (Remotely)
Ramification in Higher Algebra
Relaxing Gaussian Assumptions in High Dimensional Statistical Procedures
Simplifying Federated Learning Jobs With Flame
Stability and Generalization in Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
Topological explorations of neuron morphology
Toward conjectures of Rognes and Church--Farb--Putman (Lecture Remotely)
Towards a Better Evaluation of Football Players
Tracking Topological Features Across Neural Stimulus Spaces
Using Artificial Intelligence to Model and Support the Management of Multimorbid Patients
White Mugwort
Witness complexes and Lagrangian duality
Betula Ali
Bridget Feeney
"DanceWorks 2021" 2021 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre dance concert photographs
John and Martha Nygaard
David Peal
Nils Langeland Helgeson
Robbie Aparicio
Liz Fierst
"Maxa: The Maddest Woman in the World" 2021 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Henry Chacon Arevalo
Daniel Castellon
Christopher Chavez
"Alice in Wonderland" 2021 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Forestry Tree Tube Footage, Lilydale Regional Park, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Bare" 2021 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Adapting the Metropolis Algorithm
Advice during the COVID-19 pandemic
American Highbush Cranberry
An Optimal Transport Perspective on Uncertainty Propagation