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Catalog Plate-Book
Descriptive Plate-Book, Quaker Hill Nurseries
Plate-Book, Quaker Hill Nurseries
Adaptation-driven Models of Cancer Invasion: Experimental Parameterization and Validation
Modeling the cardiovascular system: from imaging clinical applications
Mathematical Modeling in Medicine, Sports, and the Environment
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Headshot
Carte régionale de la province de Québec, comprenant le Comté de Temiscouata
Carte régionale de la province de Québec, comprenant les comtés Temiscouata, Rimouski, Matane, Bonaventure et Gaspé
Quebec with outline indications of adjacent provinces and states
Carte régionale de la province de Québec comprenant les comtés de Portneuf, Lac St-Jean, Québec, Montmorency, Charlevoix et partie de ceux de Saguenay, Chicoutimi, Champlain et St-Maurice
Carte régionale de la province de Québec, Comté de Bonaventure
Cedula Real: Tributes should be levied from the reducciones of Parana, Uruguay and that this income should serve to pay the sums outstanding to the Jesuit missionaries., April 30th, 1668.
Cedula Real: Weapons in missions should be returned to Buenos Aires., April 30th, 1668.
Acknowledges receipt of letter relating to the use of Amerindian labour for the fortification of Buenos Aires., October 13th, 1665.
Cedula Real: Regarding the use of weapons by mission Amerindians., 1668-1669.
Brisbane, central part : showing main business area and inner suburbs, public utilities, churches, theatres, etc.
Greek exhibit
"Silent Sky" 2023 University of Minnesota Duluth Theatre production photographs
Letter from John Quinn to Robert P. Harris, 1878
Buy war bonds / More tomahawks for our united warriors : buy war bonds : All over the country Americans still in sch
Buy war bonds : more tomahawks : for our united warriors : buy war bonds : now!
Highway map of Marshall County
Symmetry of components for semilinear elliptic systems
Description of the missions in the provinces of Paraguay, Tucuman and Rio de la Plata., 1750
A few viscous jets
Impact figures
Ali Salbri
The Topology of Evolution
Sherlockian People
The Pavlowana
Controlling events at the atomic and molecular scales through Hamiltonian manipulation
Don't burn : waste paper : our war effort needs it : paper : call a collector!
Generalized Kantorovich and Kantorovich-Rubinstein Functionals and K-minimal Metrics
Glivenko-Cantelli Functional Limit Theorem and Bernstein-Kanttorovich Invariance Pronciple
Monge-Kantorovich Mass Transference Problem, Minimal distances and minimal norms
Stability of Stochastic Systems
Theory of Probability Metrics
Week 3: Optimal Mass Transport and Distributed Systems
First and Second Order Semi-strong Interaction in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Randomized algorithms for the approximation of matrices
Letter from Thomas Radford to Robert P. Harris, 1878
Letter from Thomas Radford to Robert P. Harris, 1880
Letter from Thomas Radford to Robert P. Harris, 1880
Hybrid field-based models of cell membranes and proteins for signaling applications
Opening convocation, address by Owen Meredith Wilson
Theodore Christian Blegen, "From the People and for the People" address
Ne stoit blagodarnosti.
A young child in jumping in a living room full of toys and children's artwork
Tara and her children on Palm Sunday