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Applying pesticide to soybeans, one mile southwest of Minnesota River.
Applying pre-emergent herbicide.
Applying pre-emergent herbicide and/or fertilizer while incorporating it into soil.
Applying Subgradient Methods -- and Accelerated Gradient Methods -- to Efficiently Solve General Convex, Conic Optimization Problems
Appointed: An American Novel
Appointment of Don Antonio de Godoy to a captaincy, with accompanying right of media añata., April 1st, 1681.
Appraisal Analysis in Geophysical Inverse Problem: Tool for Image Interpretation and Survey Design
Appraisal and auction of the hazienda de plata which includes the mines of Santa Rosa, Rica, and Remedios in the Cerro San Pedro as well as the labour levy from San Bernardo., December 22nd, 1774.
Approaches to Matricial Optimal Mass Transport (OMT)