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Caldecott, Richard S.
Camp Co-Op-A-Gan brochure, Perch Lake, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers in line to talk with a staff member, Aitken, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers outside of their bunkhouse/cabin, Aitken, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers praying, Aitken, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers raising the flag, Aitken, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers ready to run on the grass, Aitken, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers returning to the Emanual Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Camp Tikvah campers siting and listening, Aitken, Minnesota
Campus Coordinator's Semi-Annual Reports to International Cooperation Administration, First Draft (Box 15, Folder 9)
Campus Views
Canoeists at Picture Rock
Canoeists in Rapids
CA Playhouse
Carlson, C. Luverne
Carrie Terrell
Caseworker with family
Casey, Ralph Droz
Casey, Ralph Droz
Castell, Alburey
CCI area managers
CCI Board of Directors
CCI buildings
CCI cabinet
CCI Employees' Grievance Committee
CCI managers' convention
CCI Nominating Committee
CCW dairy trucks
CCW trucking department employees
Celebrating the opening of the World Trade Center
Centennial Hall. Minneapolis Campus
Chang, Chieh-Chien
Chang, Chieh-Chien
Children at the International Institute
Children dressed up in costumes for Purim at the Emanuel Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Children in a cooperative store
Children in dramatic group at Mount Zion Temple, part of a cultural arts program, acting out an Uncle Remus story "We've Got De Mopes"
Chinese youth club
Christopher Columbus statue
Civil Rights Leadership Training Workshops, Undated. (Box 50, Folder 14)
Civil Rights, Undated. (Box 14, Folder 2)
Clark, Kenneth E.
Clark, Kenneth E.
Clearing dishes
Clip of promotion for World Affairs and University of Minnesota Television on KTCA-TV
Clip of the conclusion of World Affairs with announcer George Grim
Coach Murray Warmath and football team, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cochrane, Willard Wesley
Coffman Memorial Union. Terrace
Collier, Raymond O.