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Approximations and fast algorithms for Helmholtz Green€™s functions
Approximations to Classifying Spaces from Algebras
A practical gate, decorated with and abundance of Egyptian architectural ornamentation and cherubs.
A Practical Guide for Teaching the Mentally Retarded to Swim, 1969 (Box 1, Folder 4)
A Preacher expounding the Poorans: In the Temple of Unn Poorna, Benares.
A Priest of the Jain Sect.
April 19, 1943: The Day the Gods Went to Lunch and Never Came Back
April Issue, Amatl, 1977 (Box 2, Folder 10)
"April's Kittens" artwork
A Primer on Configuration Spaces: Definitions, Examples, Fibrations, and Monodromy