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Women from the St. Paul chapter of Hadassah making cakes for the Hadassah carnival, St. Paul, Minnesota
Women handing out bouquets of flowers at the Minnesota State Fair in celebration of the 35th anniversary of Israel, St. Paul, Minnesota
Women Health Care Workers: The View From Below with Kathy Kelso, Debbie Schreiber, and Bonnie Watkins
Women! : help America's sons win the war : buy U.S. Government bonds : 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917
Women Helping Eachother Through Athletics with Chris Voelz and Lisa Lissimore
Women Historians Of the Midwest Conference on the "History of Women, part 1"
Women Historians Of the Midwest Women's History Conference, "History and Women, part 2"
Women in Action with Mary King
Women in aeronautics
Women in aeronautics