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NY YMCA Mourns The Nation's Loss, Memorial Ribbon
Plan and sections of Fort Fisher carried by assault by the U.S. Forces Maj. Gen. A.H. Terry commanding Jan. 15th 1865, headqurtrs U.S. Forces Fort Fisher, Jan. 27th 1865
Programs and Services. War Relief. Committee Report for Organizing a ""Harlem Guard,"" 1865. (Box 154, Folder 4)
Rebel line of works at Blakely captured by the Army of West Miss., April 9, 1865 position & approaches by the Union forces.
Shinjutsu hiyō, Volume 1
Shinjutsu hiyō, Volume 2
Shinjutsu hiyō, Volume 3
Sketch of vicinity of Fort Fisher
Subscription list of the Philadelphia Medical Book Club, Volume 02