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Help Wanted, Page 3
Help Wanted, Page 4
Help Wanted, Page 5
Help Wanted, Page 6
Help Wanted, Preface
Holmes, all aghast, listened to Dr. Watson read a letter introducing Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Phillert.
Holmes and Watson would never wear the deer stalker to social engagements nor anywhere in the city for that matter.
Holmes is more than a little vain about hiw prowess
Holmes's Injunction Concerning Cabs
Holmes/Watson, Northwest Pacific Coast Canada
Huxtable's 'Sidelights on Horace' may possibly recall my name to your memories.
Huxtable's sidelights on Horace may possibly recall my name to your memories.
I am a brain, Watson, the rest of me is a mere appendix.
I am a literary agent, Mr. Newnes, and this is my client, Dr. Watson.
"I am entitled, my dear Watson...
I am Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard and I have figured in 13 of Sherlock Holmes cases.
I can't keep this box for long Sydney
I can't keep this pose for ver long, Mr. Paget
"I can't keep this pose for very long, Mr. Paget." #2
I'm starting a small consulting practice and...
In a book store
In actuality Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes...
It is commonly learned that fictional characters do not cast shadows
It may very well have been a very superficial matter and I may have said it was indeed a very superficial matter...
It's your turn Lestrade. State your preference...lower Caslon or upper Baskerville.
Letter concerning The Sherlock Holmes Book of Impractical Arts and Crafts Projects
London, 1901, The Strand. Frederlick Dorr Steele's Sherlock Holmes passes Sidney Paget's Sherlock Holmes
Marionnette Africa
Memorial Post Figure, Source Unknown
More of Watson's inexhaustable dispatch box which lies in the vaults of Cox Company in Charing Cross #2
More of Watson's nephews or grandchildren visit the vaults of Cox and Company in Charing Cross
More Sherlockian Arts/Crafts Projects
Moriarty, this was supposed to be a private affair!
Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!
Mrs. Hudson Ritual Paddle
Mrs. Hudson's Cliffdwellers of cliffside N.J.
Mrs. Hudsons' Cliffdwellers of Cliffside Park N.J. Meeting no. 7. June 2, 1979
My dear Holmes your disguise is nearly unpenetrable!
My dear Watson, it is not a commonly known fact that the canon records 264 cases of death...
My dear Watson, will you please knock off, this 'wither thou goest I goest nonsense?
Names from various parodies and serial I made up in keep with the tradition
New Mexico, Date Unknown
Nice Feedback. Amy
Ninteenth Century, An African depiction of Andaman Islander Tonga (with blowgun) and at wheel, Johnathan Small.
Norman Schatell Artwork
Norman Schatell Artwork
Norman Schatell Artwork
Norman Schatell Artwork
Norman Schatell Artwork